Lily B. White


Night Princess: My Year as a Sex Slave

Fourteen-year-old Persephone Wolf is head over heels for her new boyfriend: older, magnetic, highly symmetrical 8. She would do anything for him, including running away. After she moves in with 8 and the glittering girls on his Twitter feed, 8 renames Persephone “Princess.” Unfortunately, her new life is not quite the paradise she expected. To earn her keep, Princess is pushed into selling her body to strangers. When she starts to fight back, she realizes that doing so will change not only her own life, but everyone's around her. During her year as a sex slave, she learns that freedom can be a matter of life and death.

Author Lily White spent six years writing and researching this book, and it is based on the combined and imagined experiences of thousands of American sex trafficking victims who live largely invisible lives. This book was written to make the invisible visible.

Trigger warnings: graphic sexual violence, violence, death, profanity.

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"I read it in less than 24hrs, and I have a fulltime job. So... It was a book I couldn't put down."

"This has to be one of my favorite reads so far this year. Watch your triggers but seriously an amazing book."
Anonymous Amazon Review

"I was surprised by how this story affected me. It is so well written and pulled me in from the start. Before long, I was rooting hard for the main character and praying she would be ok at the end of all she endures. Happily, more than that, the strong female character completely kicks ass. The rawness of the writing made me cry more than once, and I was very affected by the description of assault and all the systemic experiences that go along with reporting it. I am so impressed by the author's research and writing. I plan to buy the book for others and recommend it to many friends and family members. It is awesome that part of the proceeds go to organizations combating sex trafficking. Well done!"
Anonymous Amazon Review

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